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Available Services

  • DigiSweep - Recovery tool
  • PotSweep- Recovery tool
  • Donation Page Creator - for organizations and individuals to create pages to collect donations for various projects. This is a KYC'd platform.
  • Verified - DGB and other address verification service to verify the ownership of blockchain addresses.
  • IPFS - Digiassets decentralized nodes.

About digiassetX

DigiassetX.com is owned by DigiassetX Inc of Manitoba, Canada, started by DigiByte developer Matthew Cornelisse and the owners of change angel. This project is entirely self funded by founders and there is no ICO funding and a decision will not be made for ICO funding of any kind.

DigiassetX is a NFT creator platform and an NFT auction platform that also has many other services incorporated within.
DigiassetX is currently DigiByte blockchain centric. DigiassetX also developed version 3 of DigiByte's digiassets layer and made it open source for anyone to use and build on. For all open source applications developed by DigiassetX is listed at GitHub for anyone to use. All applications have been built from ground up to spearhead further DigiByte blockchain development by the community.